Want to Organize Robotics Workshop ?

Get to know what real innovation means with our robotics classes near Kolkata. Our Intro to Robotics workshop is not your conventional learning sessions but rather, absorbing experiences that provide hands-on training in robotics. Designed to ignite a passion for technology, our workshops are tailored to fuel curiosity and encourage the power of visualization in your kids. We understand that as parents, you seek adaptive educational opportunities and that is why we always consider example-based learning which will lay the foundation for future success. So why wait? Come join us on this transformative journey and explore all the possibilities we can bring about!

Offered Workshops

DIY Drone Building Workshop

Unlock the skies with our DIY Drone Workshop

WiFi Controlled CAR

Driving the Future with WiFi

Smart Dustbin Project

Cleaning the World, One Bin at a Time

Wireless Electricity Project

Powering the Future, Wirelessly

Basic Arduino A to Z Workshop

Unlocking Arduino from A to Z

Advance Robotics Workshop with Arduino

Elevate Your Skills with Advanced Robotics and Arduino

Humanoid Robot Development Workshop

Crafting Humanoid Wonders

Microcontroller Development Workshop

Empower Innovation with Microcontrollers

Smart Machine-Robotics Workshop

Building Brilliance in Smart Robotics

IoT Enabled Devices Workshop

Connecting the Future with IoT Devices

Artificial Intelligence Workshop

Unlocking AI Excellence

Learn Robotics from Scratch Workshop

Starting Your Robotics Journey

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