Enrich yourself with the knowledge of AI, Robotics & STEM for Class IX & X

Explore the ideal solution for students looking to effortlessly incorporate STEM and Robotics into their studies, even if they don’t have a technical background. Our specialized course is carefully crafted to empower students with the knowledge and skills needed to confidently integrate these cutting-edge subjects into their learning. Covering fundamental principles and practical applications, we offer a comprehensive learning experience to ensure you not only understand the concepts but also feel ready to explore and apply them in various subjects. Embark on this educational journey with us and unlock the exciting realm of STEM and Robotics in your studies! This course will guide you in learning STEM Education, Robotics, Coding, and how to seamlessly integrate Robotics and Coding across subjects like Math and Science.


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Why learn STEM ?

STEM Robotics for Students is crafted to provide practical skills and knowledge for those eager to bring robotics and STEM subjects into their learning, no matter their technical background.

1. Gain new skills and knowledge to elevate your academic journey.

2. Build confidence in understanding and teaching robotics and STEM subjects, even if you're not tech-savvy.

3. Learn the art of creating and implementing engaging curriculums that captivate students' interest.

4. Access a rich array of resources and support to excel in studying robotics and STEM subjects.

5. Spark inspiration in yourself and your peers, fueling a passion for learning through interactive and thrilling robotics activities.

6. Discover examples showcasing how STEM subjects can seamlessly integrate into Mathematics, Language & Arts, Social Science, Science, and Pre-Primary studies.

About the course

XRobotics is offering a Live – interactive classes to all the Students on AI, Robotics & STEM . The primary objective of this course is to provide hands-on training to the Students on STEM Robotics concepts, applications and platforms at an affordable price. This course includes:

• Live virtual classes taught by subject experts trainers,

• Cohort based learning with peer-to-peer interaction from the education industry and Mentoring sessions.

• Steam robotics kits will be provided to the participants.

Projects Covered in the course



MIT App Inventor

Robotics with Arduino, NodeMCU & Others

Artificial Intelligence

Introduction To Artificial Intelligence 

 Identifying and Locating Objects With AI

 Home Automation with AI

Full Syllabus Coverage for AI class 9 & 10 along with Junior class guidance.

STEM Robotics

Wireless Electricity

Automatic Street Lighting system

 Obstacle Avoiding Robot

Wifi Controlled CAR

 Edge Avoidance Robot

Web Server Development using AI

 Voice Control Robot

Smart Home Automation

Basic of Electronics Project

Certificate of Completion

After the completion of the training program and completion of assignments you will get a Certificate of Completion from XRobotics.


No specific eligibility criteria are set for students  to learn Robotics. Anyone in these classes with an interest and passion for Robotics can engage in learning, irrespective of their age, educational background, or prior experience. While not mandatory, having some basic knowledge of mathematics and physics can be beneficial.

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Kits for class IX & X

Buy Kits separately to build and showcase the projects.

LMS Access for class IX & X

Buy Courses on our LMS Portal to continue the learning process.

Become a certified STEM Professional

Empower educators to seamlessly integrate STEM and Robotics.


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